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  The launeddas
A Sardinian Folk Music Instrument
A. F. W. Bentzon
Volume One

  A. F. W. Bentzon - The Launeddas (vol. 1 - Inglese)

  The launeddas
A Sardinian Folk Music Instrument
A. F. W. Bentzon
Volume Two (contains music transcripts)

  A. F. W. Bentzon - The Launeddas (vol. 2 - Inglese)

[ Errata corrige Vol.1 - Vol.2 ]

A. F. W. Bentzon

Translated and edited by Dante Olianas

  A. F. W. Bentzon - Is Launeddas (vol. 1 - Italiano)

Tracks extracted from the CD of the “Launeddas” book

  From CD 1 - Track n.7
  From CD 1 - Track n.9
  From CD 1 - Track n.20

   Tracklist from the 3 CDs

  Is Launeddas - A.F.W.Bentzon
Research on a Sardinian musical instrument, carried out by Andreas Fridolin Weis Bentzon in 1957/58 and 1962

  Is Launeddas ( Sardinian, Italian and English)

  Is Launeddas, the music of the Sardinians
Andreas Fridolin Weis Bentzon

  VIEW THE FILM (English Version) >
  VISIONA IL FILM (Versione Italiana) >
  VOIR LE FILM (Version Française) >
  SE FILMEN (Dansk version) >

Other material

  Nimbus - Sardinia in the photographs of A.F.W.Bentzon
Andreas Fridolin Weis Bentzon
Dante Olianas, Uliano Lucas and Tatiana Agliani eds.

  Nimbus (Italian and English)

  Ottana in the photographs and documents collected by A.F.W.Bentzon
Marcello Furio Pili, Uliano Lucas, Tatiana Agliani, Simone Ligas, Salvatorangelo Pisanu eds.

  Ottana (Italian and English)

  Sardinian dance for piano, 2 hands
Luigi Silesu

Anastatic reprint, with critical analysis and historical background by Salvatorangelo Pisanu and Marcello Furio Pili

  Sardinian dance (PDF)

  Someone from Denmark came to calculate -The poetic world of Ortacesus in the recordings and research of Andreas Fridolin Weis Bentzon between 1957 and 1962
Alberto Maria Cirese, Aristide Murru, Paolo Zedda

Edited by Dante Olianas

  Wiew the book (PDF)

Franco Melis

Tracks extracted from the CD ‘Launeddas' by Franco Melis

  01 - Mediana a pipia
  03 - Procession, followed by Elevation
  05 - Goggius

  Ulla Ryum - 1950s' Sardinia in the memories of ULLA RYUM

Interview by Dante Olianas


  T'auguru chi in su mundu non morgiast mai

Realizzato da Dante Olianas


- Impressions of the least traditional carnival in Sardinia - Escolca - 9 febbraio 2002

Title: "Impressions of the least traditional carnival in Sardinia"
Filmed by: Rani Khanna in 2002
Edited by: Zone Video in 2012
Length: 5' 39''

You & Eye Films Production



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