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From Fridolin to the Digital Age – The Visual Anthropology of Ethnomusicology

A symposium on practice-based research on music around the world

Aarhus | Denmark | June 1-2 | 2017

9 September 2016 - 5.00 p.m.
ERSU Hall - Corso V.Emanuele 68

Upcoming events: 9-12-13-15-16-17 September 2016

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In memory of Adamu Billai

25th October 2014


Background material >

A.F.W.Bentzon e B.Palmas  

In memory of Beniaminu Palmas, the Little Player

Saturday 23 November 2013

Casa della Cultura
Via Giulio Cesare


Welcome introduction from
Giovanni Argiolas, Mayor of Monserrato;
Marco Asunis, Culture Councillor, Monserrato;
Tilde Cabras, grandchild of Beniamino Palmas;

Featured speakers:
Dante Olianas, "Palmas in the musical scene of last century Sardinia";
Michele Deiana, "Photographs and biography of Palmas";
Umberto Cao, "The relationship between Danish anthropologist Bentzon and his informer Beniamino Palmas”;
Luciano Montisci, "Instrument analysis and the rationale for their restoration";
Graziano Montisci, "Organology and construction methodology of Palmas's launeddas " and "Sound characteristics of Palmas's launeddas".

A launeddas concert will be given after the speeches, featuring: Graziano Montisci, Gianluca Piras, Michele Deiana.

Also, the original launeddas by Beniamino Palmas together with photos depicting him with anthropologist Andreas Bentzon.


Event organised under the patronage of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and in collaboration with the Province of Cagliari.

Launeddas: the story of a re-discovered film.

Saturday, 28 September, from 3.30 p.m., "Su Mulinu" Archaeological Museum in Villanovafranca hosted a conference featuring Umberto Cao, discussing Danish anthropologist Andreas Fridolin W. Bentzon, and Dante Olianas, reporting the events that led to the discovery of the films and the editing of the documentary entitled "Is launeddas: the music of the Sardinians".

"Su Mulinu" Archaeological Museum in Villanovafranca – Umberto Cao conference

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