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360-degree tour of Casa Lara

360-degree tour of Casa Lara >

The home of Antonio Lara
Antonio Lara from Villaputzu was one the greatest Maestros of Launeddas. He was the teacher of Aurelio Porcu, Mario Cancedda and Luigi Lai.

Between 1957 and 1965, he became the most important of Andreas Bentzon's informers, and his home was where he recorded all his repertoire, as well as being the setting of many scenes of the fim 'Is Launeddas, the music of the Sardinians'.

The house belongs to Lara's heirs now, but they have left the original strucutre and furnishings nearly untouched.

With their permission, we have created this virtual tour to be able to view the space where Antonio Lara and his wife Chiara Casula used to live.
Enjoy your visit

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  2. Patio
  3. Room 1
  4. Room 2
  5. Room 3 / Basement
  6. Room 4 / Landing
  7. Room 5

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