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Sardinian dance for piano, 2 hands
Luigi Silesu
Anastatic reprint, with critical analysis and historical background by Salvatorangelo Pisanu and Marcello Furio Pili

€ 25,00 (Includes delivery)


The record contains two versions of the Sardinian Folk Dance by Luigi SIlesu.

The first one is an interpretation for piano by Fabrizio Marchionni, closely reproducing the original musical score. Marchionni is a composer and musician, who plays the organ, piano, and harpsichord. A scholar of musical languages, he composed for many vocal and instrumental groups and performed all over Italy and Europe. In his compositions and transcriptions, he proposes to renew the languate by developing the elements that are latent in traditional musical structures. He teaches music theory, rythm and perception at the “G. P. da Palestrina” Music Academy in Cagliari.

The second dance is an adaptation for accordion by Bruno Camedda. By dividing the composition into its two parts, he offers an interpretation that reflects his experience as player of Sardinian Folk Dance. Camedda, one of the most creative and ecletic players of the Sardinian folk dance tradition, graduated at the National Music Academy in Lyon in Cello and Chamber Music, and was awarded the highest accolade, a gold medal, in each. He plays in the band “Furias”, currently one of the most popular Sardinian folk music band. He has several records with his band and as a solo artist.

1. Luigi Silesu, Sardinian Folk Dance, Piano: Fabrizio Marchionni
2. Luigi Silesu, Sardinian Folk Dance (part one), Accordion: Bruno Camedda
3. Luigi Silesu, Sardinian Folk Dance (part two), Accordion: Bruno Camedda



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