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ISCANDULA Cultural Association

  ISCANDULA promotes the musical culture of Sardinia across the board, by conducting research, collecting and publishing materials, organizing courses, conferences, and concerts focussing on launeddas.

Since its inception, Iscandula has produced a myriad of activities to preserve, promote and disseminate the culture of Sardinia.

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Andreas Fridolin Weis Bentzon

  A.F.W. Bentzon made a vital contribution to the study of this particular aspect of Sardinian culture: his research is remarkable not only for its academic rigour, but also for the respect and affection Bentzon shows for the local people and places.

He analysed launeddas while researching their cultural context, often using the words of his interviewees to describe them.

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  Discover ISCANDULA publications: check out the full list and the information sheet on each publication.

Data sheets provide a general description, details on contents, total page count, format, print type etc.

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  Give the gift of Sardinia! Find out about Sardinian musical culture and poetry.

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  ISCANDULA shares all its published material and other relevant documents: downloads and online viewing are free.

Access the download area, consult documents, and watch videos online.

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  “Launeddas are direct descendants of the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian double clarinet. They have kept some archaic traits in the construction as well as the execution techniques that strongly resemble, at first sight, those archaic predecessors. A 1960 mancosedda is similar to its Egyptian Middle Kingdom ancestor in its use of natural reed…”.

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Types of launeddas

  Datasheets are available on various types of Launeddas and on cuntzertus currently used by launeddas players.

Click on the tonality to choose a cuntzertu.

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  Keep in touch with cultural events organised by ISCANDULA, by registering for our newsletter, or visiting the Events page, or our facebook.com/iscandula page.

For past ISCANDULA events, visit the Past Events from Iscandula page.

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